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1. Choose a sequence set

If you like, narrow down the choice of sequences sets using these dropdowns
By language
By original word list
By restranscribed word list
By sequence set type

Now pick the set of sequences you want to use:

2. Create a filter set (optional)

Predefined filters Custom filters
Choose a description to get pre-defined filters.
Narrow down your sequence sets by type (above), and you will only get relevant filters here.
Create a new filter.
You can order your results, or restrict them using Where. Click on Filter Help for more details.
Save filters for reuse

3. Get currently selected sequence set (as filtered)

Toggle column:

Segments Length Sonority differences Number of lexical items Total frequency of this sequence per million tokens Lowest frequency out of words with this sequence Mean frequency of words with this sequence Highest frequency out of words with this sequence Example words
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