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Put a set of filters together:

Choose a type of sequence to filter:

Name your collection of filters:

That name is already in use:
  • Branching onset
  • Triple branching onset
  • Word final consonant
  • Complex coda
  • Sonority violating onset
  • Sonority violating coda
  • Internal geminates
  • Homorganic internal sequences
  • Heterorganic internal sequences
  • Rising internal sequences
  • Falling internal sequences
  • 100+ frequency per million
  • 20+ lexical items

  • Filter set of sequences
    View consonant and vowel sequences; look at their frequencies; filter the results based on sonority, length of sequence and other factors.
  • Compare sets of sequences
    Compare membership of different sets, constructed using the same filters as above.
  • Split sequences
    Divide a set of sequences using another set: test whether word-edge and word-internal syllable boundaries match.