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Words with ao from EsPal Castillian Subtitles (EsPal phonemic diphthongal) word final vowels

Pronunciation Orthography Frequency Gloss Part of speech Other tags
t͡ʃao chao 6.20 interjection
mao mao 3.07 noun
kao cao 2.96 noun
tao tao 2.67 noun
lao lao 2.00 noun
bakalao bacalao 1.93 noun
idao idaho 1.87 noun
kakao cacao 1.76 noun
sao sao 1.74 noun
nao nao 1.54 noun
bao bao 1.00 noun
makao macao 0.82 noun
menelao menelao 0.82 noun
ao hao 0.26 noun
bao vaho 0.19 noun
mindanao mindanao 0.12 noun