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Words with oe from EsPal Castillian Subtitles (EsPal phonemic diphthongal) word final vowels

Pronunciation Orthography Frequency Gloss Part of speech Other tags
xoe joe 108.46 noun
eɾoe héroe 60.32 noun
θoe zoe 12.55 noun
monroe monroe 7.00 noun
supeɾeɾoe superhéroe 4.08 noun
poe poe 2.91 noun
noe noé 2.04 noun
θoe zoé 0.85 noun
roe roe 0.76 noun
koroe corroe 0.59 verb
noe noe 0.57 noun
oboe oboe 0.55 noun
kloe cloe 0.28 noun
toe toe 0.27 verb
mθenroe mcenroe 0.25 noun
aloe aloe 0.25 verb
boe boe 0.16 noun