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Words which make Vowelless word equal to True for Sylheti (SOAS 2015) (Sylheti) (IPA)

Pronunciation Orthography Frequency Gloss Part of speech Other tags
v v: 0.00
h h 0.00 DIST pronoun
n n 0.00 place ??? noun
t t 0.00 temp pronoun
z z 0.00 REL dem > relpro
x x 0.00 INT dem:
n n 0.00 HON/PL subs:
ɾ ɾ 0.00 GEN subs:
b b 0.00 FUT v:
l l 0.00 PST v:
ɾ ɾ 0.00 IMPV v:
s s 0.00 PRF v:
s s 0.00 2P.INTM v:
t t 0.00 CNFT v: